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The Tinki journey

Create a project opportunity

Open an opportunity by describing your project in just a few guided steps.

In minutes, your inviting opportunity is open and we start searching for the best talent.

Choose from the best talent

We hand pick you five professionals that fit your need in 7 days or less.

Compare the offers and discuss details with the professionals to choose the best talent.

Review and open new

Once the project is finished, we ask both you and the professional to give a review.

Reviews help Tinki to offer increasingly better matches to your next project.

How to find the best talent

  • 1. Describe your project in detail

    In a few simple steps, we are happy to guide you through all the details of your project: goals, timeline, restrictions. You can always go back in steps and refine your project.

    Once done, we start looking for best talent and present the opportunity to the right professionals. The offers will be presented to you within 7 days, completely free of charge for you.

  • 2. Get to know your candidates and compare offers

    In no time, you will see qualified offers waiting for you.

    The professionals will quote their price and details for their project delivery skills and possbilities. You can study their profile pages with recommendations and portfolios to learn more. You can also message any of the candidates to ask for more details. When all 5 offers have been submitted, it is time to make a choice.

  • 3. Choose the winning offer and start the project!

    Once you select a winning offer, contact information of both parties are presented and you can start the project!

    After the project, we ask you both for a review. Reviews help you to develop your offering and us to improve our matching skills.

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