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The Tinki journey

Set your profile in minutes

Create your talent profile to promote your skills and tasks you’d like to help out in.

You will be ready for your first offer in minutes and can improve the profile later.

Choose the best projects

We will notify you when there is an opportunity open that matches your skills, schedule and location.

Make an offer to the best suited projects.

Review and find the next project

Get reviews on your projects to find personal growth opportunities.

When you have the time, add skills and categories as your competence grows.

How to catch the best projects

  • 1. Select the services you provide

    Describing your strongest skills is a crucial but simple task - we help you with a pre-categorised wizard showing the way. This information is used to match potential project owners to your talent.

    As talent comes in many forms, we warmly invite you to finalise the wordings of your expertise on your profile page. You can come back to this step or any step of the profile creation later.

  • 2. Receive project opportunities and choose the best fit for you

    Once a project is opened in Tinki that matches your talent and wishes, you are given the opportunity to create an offer. Offers are simple to create: name your price and add a short message. Your profile pages show the customer everything else they need to know.

  • 3. Create the winning offer and start the project!

    Make sure your offer is clear, compelling and quickly delivered as only the first five offers are presented for the customer to choose from.

    Congratulations, the customer has chosen you! You can now contact each other to fine-tune the details of your project and start the work. After the project, we ask you both for a review. Reviews help you to develop your offering and us to improve our matching skills.

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